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Don't make these massive mistakes with your company's online banking!

by , 28 July 2014
You can't run your company like you're living in the dark ages.

In fact, you can't run your business without technology and the internet, especially when it comes to Internet marketing or banking, your business needs it!

But you must be careful online, particularly when it comes to Internet banking. If you're not, it could result in your business losing thousands because of business fraud.

This disaster could happen to anyone! But you can save your business from this fate just by avoiding these massive online banking mistakes...

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Two out of five South African businesses fall victim to fraud every year... Don't become a statistic!

Things you must NEVER do when it comes to online banking

The Internet is a breeding ground for criminals. It's easy for them to get their hands on your information and get into your accounts. 
And if they get into your business online banking account it could spell disaster for your company.
To prevent this from happening, avoid these three Internet banking mistakes...

Avoid these online banking mistakes to protect your company against online scams

Mistake #1: Giving out the pins and passwords for your online business bank account
If a website asks your for the pins and passwords to you online banking profile leave that website immediately. It's an online scam and the second it has those details the fraudsters will transfer money out of your account into theirs.
Mistake #2: Entering your banking details on a website that isn't secure
These websites are vulnerable to interception. This means, as you enter your details, a criminal can get his hands on them. 
Mistake #3: Giving your employees access to your Internet banking profile
There's always the chance that one of your employees could use that information and steal from your company.
If you want to ensure your business stays financially healthy, you MUST avoid these mistakes!

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Don't make these massive mistakes with your company's online banking!
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