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Four simple Excel tips that'll turn you into an accounting master

by , 11 September 2014
Excel is one of the most useful programmes when it comes to your company's budgets, accounting and financial planning. You can do all of them in this one programme.

But with all the functions you can use in your Excel, it can get complicated. That's where most business owners get stuck.

Don't throw up your hands in despair.

We have four Excel tips that'll help get you out of that Excel fog and back on the track to financial management mastery...


Use these four tips to master Excel and your financial management

Tip #1: Don't be scared to use the help button
Excel has a 'Help' button function. If you have an internet connection, you can access the help section where Excel can explain what to do and how things work. 
Using the 'Help' button can ensure you get through those trickier calculations without any problem.
Tip #2: Format your help function so it's easy for you to use
People often don't like using the 'Help' function because they don't like its layout. You can format it though so you can make it as user friendly as possible.
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Tip #3: If you want to find particular Excel information you can also use the 'Help – Table of content'
You can search through the different chapters in the 'Help' function. Often if you need specific detailed information, you can find it here.
Tip #4: You can update the information in your Excel Help function by searching online
You can get support from the Microsoft Office website; just click the 'Office' button in the upper left corner of Excel. 
Press and select 'Excel Options', 'Resources' category. Access the desired site by clicking 'Go Online'. Once you search online, those solutions are available in Excel Help when you're offline.
The best way to understand Excel is to use the help it provides so use these tips to get better acquainted with the 'Help' functions. You can also use the Practical Guide to Excel. It'll help get you through any problems you have.  

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Four simple Excel tips that'll turn you into an accounting master
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