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If there's a workplace accident, don't make this dangerous assumption

by , 11 July 2014
Let's say you're in your office busy with work. All of a sudden, your safety officer runs in and says your employee, Lebo, cut his arm open on the drilling machine.

You have to call an ambulance because there's blood everywhere and you'll have to deal with COID.

But wait a moment: Before you secure the scene and get the investigation underway, we must warn you about the danger of making this one assumption...

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The theory 'innocent until proven guilty' applies to workplace accidents

When a workplace accident happens, avoid jumping to any conclusions. Your accident investigation will reveal the cause of the accident.
If you go into your investigation will the conclusion already in your mind, you'll only look for evidence that proves you right.
This is biased and unlawful. Your incident investigations must always be fair to ensure you can prevent the real cause from happening again.
But if you make this dangerous assumption you won't achieve this...

Never make this assumption about any workplace accident

When you jump to the conclusion that the accident was your employees fault, you could rob you employee of his right to workers' compensation if he was injured.
COID will reject any claim where the accident was your employees fault. 
As their employer, it's your job to ensure your employees get their compensation. So do everything you can to help them. 
This includes doing a fair and honest investigation that'll reveal the truth about the accident instead of your assumptions about it.
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By law you must have one first aid kit in your workplace 
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If there's a workplace accident, don't make this dangerous assumption
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