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Do you design structures? Here are the five duties you must comply with in terms of the new Construction Regulations

by , 28 February 2014
The new Construction Regulations have completely changed the 'game' for the construction industry. If you're a designer of a structure, these are your five duties.

Construction Regulations: Five duties of the designer of a structure

In terms of Construction Regulations 2014, the designer of a structure must:

#1: Take into account the health and safety specification submitted by the client;

#2: Before the contract is put out to tender, you must make available in a report to the client the following info:

  • All relevant health and safety information about the design of the relevant structure that may affect the pricing of the construction work;
  • The geotechnical-science aspects, where appropriate; and
  • The loading that the structure is designed to withstand.

Read on for three more duties...

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You must tell your client in writing of any known or anticipated dangers or hazards relating to the construction work. In addition, supply all the relevant information required for the safe execution of the work before it's designed or when the design is subsequently altered.

#4: If the client wants you to do inspections, you must do them to verify that the construction of the structure is being carried out according to the design.

If you find that the contractor isn't doing the work according to the design's health and safety aspects, you must stop him from executing that construction work.

#5: If you're designing a temporary structure (temporary works), you must ensure that:

  • All temporary works are adequately designed so that they'll be able to support all anticipated vertical and lateral loads that may be applied; and
  • The designs of temporary works are done with close reference to the structural design drawings issued by the contractor. If you're not sure of what to do, consult the contractor.

Well there you have it. Now that you know your duties when designing a structure, make sure you comply.

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Do you design structures? Here are the five duties you must comply with in terms of the new Construction Regulations
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