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Ensure your company's bathrooms are up to scratch or you could face the wrath of 'poo-flingers'

by , 11 June 2013
Over the weekend, media houses erupted with stories that a group of people in Khayelitsha had flung human waste at a bus in which Western Cape Premier Helen Zille and other members of the Western Cape government were travelling. The reason? The group was protesting against the condition of portable toilets in the township. Here's how to ensure your company's bathrooms don't spark the same type of unsanitary reaction.

In somewhat unsavoury protest action, the Western Cape's government has been attacked by so-called 'poo-flingers'.

First, there was an incident in which 'the human waste contents of porta-loos were spilled on the steps of the [Western Cape] legislature building,' reports News24.

Then, over the weekend, three Khayelitsha residents were arrested after throwing faeces at a bus in which Zille was travelling in on her way to the province's '110% green' campaign, reports a seperate News24 article.

This disgusting behaviour just goes to show how far some people will go to voice their displeasure about unsanitary working and living conditions.

And since companies are responsible for the protecting the health and safety of their employees' work environment, it's best you take note of your company's health and safety obligations when it comes to company bathrooms…

Don't get caught with your pants down! Make sure your company's bathrooms adhere to these five health and safety regulations

1. 'Irrespective of whether the sanitary facilities are on your premises or adjoining premises,' writes Kerusha Narothan on FSP Business, 'the first thing you need to ensure is that there's one sanitary facility per 30 people.'

In addition to this, you must also provide employees with:

2. Toilet paper.
3. A toilet seat for every toilet designed to have a seat.
4. A towel for every employee, or disposable paper towels, or hot air blowers, or clean portions of continuous cloth towels.
5. Toilet soap or liquid soap dispensers; kept in a clean and hygienic condition.

By sticking to these basic rules of sanitation, you can ensure your company's bathrooms pass health and safety inspections so you don't land on the wrong end of a poo-flinger's violent outburst.

The Health and Safety Advisor gives you a checklist of your must-haves in staff toilet facilities. You'll also find the legal requirements for other workplace facilities like the change rooms, dining rooms, ventilation and so much more!

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Ensure your company's bathrooms are up to scratch or you could face the wrath of 'poo-flingers'
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