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Fail to do this and the DoL WILL fine you for non-compliance

by , 06 October 2014
The DoL doesn't mess around when it comes to non-compliance. If it catches you for not complying with the OHS Act, it will fine you.

But a fine isn't the worst thing it could do. It could also shut your business down and take you to court. If the court finds you guilty, you could spend up to two years in jail.

That's why you must never fail to do this one thing to ensure the DoL doesn't come down on you.


The DoL will punish you if you fail to do this one thing

Never fail to make the relevant health and safety appointments. There are 33 appointments in your company might have to make.
All of these appointments are important for managing health and safety in your company.
To help you document all of your health and safety appointments use the Appointment Letter Toolkit. It contains appointment letter templates for all the relevant appointments. 
Remember, you must give your employee a copy of the appointment letter and keep one for yourself.
This way, when the DoL inspector pays you a visit, he can see you appointed all the relevant people.
But who do you need to appoint?
*********** Hot off the press  ************

Ten common health and safety appointments you need to make

1. Health and safety officer;
2. Health and safety representative; 
3. First aider;
4. Fire teams; 
5. Fire marshal;
6. Department manager;
7. HSE coordinator;
8. HCS chairperson;
9. HCS controller; and
10. HCS coordinator. 
Ensure you make all the relevant appoints and prove you did so with copies of your appointment letters so the DoL never accuses you of non-compliance.
PS. One of the most important health and safety appointments you can make is your HSE Representative. There's a very specific process that goes with this appointment. Check out How to Appoint an HSE Rep to ensure you follow the process correctly. 

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Fail to do this and the DoL WILL fine you for non-compliance
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