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Follow these five easy steps to get your employees to follow your health and safety policy

by , 28 May 2014
You've put together a health and safety policy... Appointed a safety officer... Scheduled regular risk assessments... Sent your first aiders for first aid training... And dished out essential PPE to your staff.

Your safety programme is done, right?

Not entirely. You still have one thing left to do. And experts say it's the hardest part of your whole safety programme: Getting your employees to follow your safety policy and procedures!

Not anymore. Read on to discover five easy steps you can follow to get your employees to put health and safety at the top of their priority list...

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Use these five steps to get your employees to follow your health and safety policy

The Health and Safety Advisor has five easy steps for you to follow to get your employees to comply with your safety policy
Step 1. Ensure all your employees have had proper OHS training and understand what your policy says and does;
Step 2. Display your health and safety policy in a place where all your employees can see it;
Step 3. Let other people who are interested in your health and safety efforts have access to it. These people could be your shareholders or your community;
Step 4. Develop your current safety plan to cover and include all areas; and
Step 5. Ensure all your employees know they're legally obligated to comply with health and safety.
There's one extra step you can include and it may be the most useful of all.
The one health and safety tip that could save your company thousands this year
You think that implementing health and safety in your company is going to cost too much money. What if I told you that it could SAVE you thousands of Rands, maybe even millions.

Here's the most useful step you can take to get employees to follow health and safety 

You can do this by getting them involved in health and safety procedures and communicating with them more often. If you make your employees feel as if they've contributed to your safety management, they'll be more likely to follow safe procedures themselves.
With these steps, your employees will be safety conscious and complying in no time.

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Follow these five easy steps to get your employees to follow your health and safety policy
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