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Four questions a DoL inspector will ask your employees during his health and safety inspection

by , 10 October 2014
If a DoL inspector visits your workplace, he won't just inspect your equipment and health and safety documents. He'll also interview and question your employees.

This could get you in big trouble if you haven't complied with the OHS Act and your employees know it.

But it could also be a good thing if your employees can show the DoL you did everything you could to comply.

To get good results from your employees' DoL interviews, prepare them so they always answer the following four questions the right way...


Prepare your employees to answer these four questions

Question 1: Did your employer give you health and safety training?
You need to give your employees health and safety training to prepare them to answer 'yes' to this question. 
It's a legal requirement for you to train your employees so, if they answer 'no' to this question, it will land you in big trouble with the DoL. 
Question 2: Do you have PPE you wear when you do your work?
To have your employees answer 'yes' to this question, you need to give them personal protective equipment (PPE) and train them on how and when to wear it. 
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Question 3: Do you have a representative that deals with health and safety issues?
For your employees to give a favourable answer here, you must, of course, appoint on HSE Rep through the right process. You must then tell all your employees who their HSE Rep is and how he can help them. 
Question 4: Do you have someone that supervises you while you're at work?
You need a safety officer to supervise your employees and ensure they work safely. For your employees to honestly say 'yes' to this question, appoint a safety officer and inform all your employees about who it is. 
The best way to prepare your employees for the DoL inspector's questions is to comply with all the OHS Act rules and then communicate what you did to your employees. 

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Four questions a DoL inspector will ask your employees during his health and safety inspection
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