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Revealed! The most overlooked part of your health and safety compliance!

by , 11 July 2013
Have you appointed a fire marshal, first aider and HSE rep? I'm sure you thought you can just tell them what to do and they'll do it right? Wrong! If you don't issue your employees with appointment letters, you'll have the DoL breathing down your neck!

Keep reading to find out what you need to do.


Yours: 68 legally compliant appointment letters at a click of a button...

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Revealed! The most overlooked part of your health and safety compliance!
When the DoL comes to inspect you, they'll go out of their way to check your SHE file and HR employee file to see if you've issued your employees with appointment letters. If you have, they'll take their inspection a step further to check if the appointment letters you've issued are 100% legally compliant with the OHS Act. If you haven't issued these letters or they're not legal, they'll fine you up to R50 000 on the spot!
The letters are your proof that you're complying with the law if you're audited, or find yourself disputing a case in a court of law. See below three reasons you shouldn't overlook appointment letters.

Warning! If the DoL finds out you haven't completed this one Health and Safety compliance requirement you'll pay thousands of rands in penalties
Click here to discover the one tool that'll help you avoid having the DoL breathing down your neck for non-compliance.

Three reasons you shouldn't overlook appointment letters
  1. Appointment letters outline the duties you'll give to your employee. This'll prevent him from saying he didn't know all of his responsibilities. Appointment letters will also show that the employee being appointed has the right training for the job.
  2. Appointment letters give credibility and authority to the employee you've appointed. It'll make sure his co-workers know he has the authority to perform the functions.
  3. These letters show your employees which sections of the law they need to follow. It'll also help your company reduce health and safety risks by ensuring you appoint competent people on your construction sites
Remember, appointment letters are legal documents. Don't write them yourself, give them to just anyone or use them lightly. If you haven't given appointment letters before, here's an all-in-one tool you can use!

Stay well…
P.S. Click here to get the only tool that guarantees to save you up to R50 000 on appointment letter penalties!


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Revealed! The most overlooked part of your health and safety compliance!
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