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Do you turn a blind eye when employees break workplace rules? Here's why this is dangerous

by , 10 September 2014
Some employers turn a blind eye when employees go against workplace rules.

They do this because they hate confrontation and some just hate going through the whole disciplinary process and think it's a waste of time.

If you're one of these employers, you need to change your ways. Turning a blind eye when employees break workplace rules is dangerous, it's not good for your business at all.

Read on to find out why so you can ensure you always enforce discipline in your workplace.

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Here are the dangers of turning a blind eye when employees break workplace rules

The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service says you should never ignore any infringement of your rules because:
  • Employees come to assume their deviant conduct or performance is 'okay'. This sets a very dangerous precedent for conduct/performance in the workplace and makes effective discipline after that much more difficult.
  • Employees can become uncertain as to the seriousness or validity of your rules if you discipline some acts of misconduct and not others. Or they could suspect you of favouring some employees and victimising others.
  • This may lead you to ignore a series of infringements. This could then allow your anger to build up dangerously, which could lead you to verbally abuse or assault employees. When this happens, you'll be infringing your employee's rights to fair treatment.
  • If you ignore the misconduct and allow the employee to cause damage you could become liable for discipline. If you, as a manager, are aware that your employee is breaking the rules, it's your job to stop him. If you don't stop him and his misconduct causes problems for the employer, then you've failed in your duty and your employer can discipline you.

Here's the bottom line: You must NEVER ignore any infringement of your rules, discipline employees in line with your disciplinary procedures.

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Do you turn a blind eye when employees break workplace rules? Here's why this is dangerous
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