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The DoL is conducting EE audits - do you have an EE plan?

by , 15 July 2014
The Department of Labour (DoL) hasn't only amended the Employment Equity Act (EE Act) earlier this year, but is also conducting EE Audits to make sure you comply with the EE Act. One of the requirements they'll be checking for is if you have an EE plan in place.

Failure to comply with the EE Act can result in an initial fine of R1.5 million. And it can increase to R2.7 million depending on how many sections of the EE Act the DoL believes you've infringed on.

There are eight items to include in your EE plan to make sure you're not guilty. Let's take a look at them.


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Here are the eight steps your EE plan must include:
  1. Objectives for every year;
  2. What affirmative action measures you'll implement;
  3. Where black people, women and people with disabilities aren't represented, you must show numerical goals to reach this, timetables and strategies;
  4. Timetables for annual objectives;
  5. The duration of the plan;
  6. The procedures you'll use to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the plan;
  7. Ways to solve disputes about the plan; and
  8. People responsible for implementing the plan.

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The DoL is conducting EE audits - do you have an EE plan?
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