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Induction training isn't just for new staff

by , 22 March 2013
You have a duty of care to your employees and to make sure your workplace is safe. This duty of care also extends to external contractors on your site!

A key aspect to keep your workplace safe is to make sure your employees understand your health and safety policies. Give them the necessary training to avoid potentially serious accidents that could cost you millions in damages and Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (COID) claims!

Must I only train new employees that join the company?
New employees are at greater risk of injuring themselves at work than existing staff. This is why health and safety training should be a high priority in your employee induction program.
But it's not just new employees that need to be trained. There are other instances when Induction training becomes necessary!

Do you know what your OHSA duties are as an employer?
Do your employees know what their duties are?
'Using your employee induction training to update our entire staff. This is excellent.' V. Menhard
Employees who return to work after a long absence (e.g. they were doing work for your overseas office for a few months) must be retrained on your health and safety policies. This will cover you in case they've forgotten anything while they've been away. You'll also need to train them on any new processes you introduced.
If employees move into different roles, you might need to retrain them if they use equipment, materials or processes they aren't familiar with.
If you have external contractors who work on your site, train them on your health and safety policy. Do this, and you'll make sure they know what your company rules are when they work on your site. You'll also protect yourself from any Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (COID) claims if there are any accidents.
Is induction training a once off?   
Section 8 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) says that you need to give induction training to employees. Is it a once off training session? Why do I need to have this training and does it apply even if we're in the retail industry?
No, induction training is not a once off.
The duty to inform (Section 13 of the OHSA) means your employees must know what hazards they're exposed to and how to work safely in that environment. It doesn't specify a time frame for training and that's where you as a company must do what's 'reasonable'!
Also Section 8 (e)  of the OHSA says you must provide training and information that's necessary for your employees to be able to work safely. This implies that you need to provide training for new people, when staff change roles or risks change.
It doesn't matter what industry you're in, if you have people in your employ then they need to be aware of all procedures and company policies that affect them.
Health and safety training must be ongoing to reduce the risk of incidents and keep all employees up to date with your processes.
But where do you start? How do you know exactly what you need to cover in the training - and then test their knowledge?
You certainly don't want to miss out on important topics that need to be covered in the training!
Health and Safety Policy
We have the perfect solution for you!
We've developed a simple, easy and effective way to conduct Induction training. Look at Chapter I 01 of the Health and Safety Training Manual.
Here's just some of what's covered:
•    Hazards and risks in your workplace
•    Special equipment, such as personal protective equipment
•    Safe work practices
•    Health and safety legislation
•    Emergency procedures:
o    emergency exists
o    evacuation instructions and assembly points
o    fire alarms and fire fighting equipment, such as extinguishers (show locations and demonstrate how they are used)
And so much more!
Train your employees today and make sure they'll never be on the back foot when it comes to health and safety.
That's all from me today.
Until next time,
Stay safe!
Kerusha Narothan

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Induction training isn't just for new staff
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