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MYTH: Health and safety training is expensive and time-consuming

by , 04 March 2014
TRUTH: This in-house option is inexpensive, 100% legally compliant and fast! WARNING: This is controversial. Do not read on if you're unprepared to face the truth about health and safety training...

You might have been misled when it comes to the truth of Health and Safety Training. Until today. Read on and discover what most health and safety consultants don't want you to know...

Myth # 1 Health and safety training is expensive

Recently, a colleague of mine wanted to do some induction training for his team. He received these quotes from HR Consultants:
Company A        R1 725 per person
Company B        R 879 per person
Company C        R 1 300 per person

It's with prices like these that you might begin to think that Health and Safety training is expensive but it doesn't have to be anymore. But here's the TRUTH: Together with FSP Business, I've developed an in-house training system that's only R200 per MODULE! (You can read more about it here). But this is only one of the myths I'd like to debunk. Here's another popular myth that health and safety consultants would like you to believe:

Myth # 2 Health and safety training is time-consuming

Consultants often try to make up for their costly training by spending an entire day (or longer!) to train your team. But this doesn't necessarily reflect on the quality of the training. In fact, wasting a whole day is often why employees refer to these sessions as 'boring' and 'useless'.

And it's exactly these responses that motivated me to develop a system that's not time-consuming but rather to-the-point and effective. The PowerPoint presentations, training guides for facilitator and trainee, questions and answer assessment sheets, hand-outs and certificate of completion template included with my system not only will make sure your team is trained fast but effectively.

The truth about health and safety training…

This letter has only allowed me to touch on two myths but there are other myths that my system proves to be WRONG. Click here now to find the ultimate Health and Safety Training solution and bust your myths…

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MYTH: Health and safety training is expensive and time-consuming
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