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Three top tips to stop the flu bug from taking down your work-force

by , 07 March 2014
Flu season is slowly approaching. If you don't take the time to educate your staff about the health and safety measures that prevent the spread of disease such as the flu, then you can be sure your employees will more than likely fall victim to the bug! And let's be honest: You can't afford the knock to productivity, coupled with the costs of paying out sick leave...

Here are some top training tips from the experts at the Health and Safety Advisor Loose Leaf.

Here's how to train your employees on the importance of washing hands

1.  Remind staff that bugs are transferred by touch
Whenever they touch objects (phones and computer keyboards are among the worst offenders), they transfer germs onto their hands. All that needs to happen then is for them to touch their faces, and the germs will enter their bodies.

2.  Hand washing stops the bugs in their tracks
Almost 50 percent of all food borne illness outbreaks can be prevented by proper hand-washing. Twenty seconds of scrubbing with soap and water can keep you (and your staff!) from getting sick. So teach staff to try counting slowly to 20. They can also keep a sanitizer in your bag or pocket, for when they touch something that could be dirty and use it to sanitise their hands.

3. Protective equipment is not just a nice-to-have
Certain substances are also dangerous to one's health, and can weaken the immune system, making you or your staff vulnerable to illness. Remind your staff to wear their protective equipment as they've been trained, to limit their exposure.
Use these three pointers to improve the hygiene practices of your employees. 

PS: Your 1 527 health and safety duties as an employer

As an employer, by law you have to maintain a safe and healthy working environment. This includes identifying hazards, removing hazards, reducing hazards that can't be removed, managing hazards and making sure you keep records.

We'll give you 1 000 point checklist, sample forms and templates, and step-by-step actionable advice to make this onerous task a simple one. We'll make sure you manage your hazards 100% by the book with this one tool.

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Three top tips to stop the flu bug from taking down your work-force
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