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Download your HSE procedures checklist NOW!

by , 10 July 2013
It's common practice to put written procedures in place for your business. This'll make sure your employees follow the rules you know are necessary to maintain the health and safety of your company.

So let's take a look at what you must do to make sure your Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) procedures are easy to understand...

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Here's a checklist to make sure your HSE procedures are clear and easy to read
  • Use action verbs, and write in the present tense.
  • Use the imperative ('do it', not 'you should do it'; 'it will be done' or 'it should be done')
  • Write as though you talking to the person doing the procedure at the time.
  • Keep your sentences short.
  • Break long sentences into two or more thoughts, and make each thought a separate sentence.
  • Avoid jargon.
  • When you're referring to technical material, such as OHSA standards, write in everyday simple language.
  • Explain technical terms, and spell out abbreviations so that everyone understands what you mean.
  • Keep your paragraphs short and each paragraph must express a separate idea.
  • Illustrate your ideas with written examples, or even with graphics.
  • When using a computer, use desktop publishing and graphics software, which makes the document more attractive and more readable.
  • Include flowcharts, diagrams, charts, pictures or examples for visually-oriented people.
  • Put ideas in a positive way, example: 'Do this job this way, because it's safer' rather than 'Don't do that, because it's dangerous'.
  • Keep your procedures to a reasonable length, don't extend over three pages.
  • Break up long text into several manageable short procedures.
  • You must keep the text in one comprehensive procedure. Divide it into sections, clearly identified by subject and page numbers on the first page.

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Now for the results...

Do your current procedures meet all of the above criteria? If yes, then your procedures pass the readability test.

BUT if no, use the checklist to adapt your procedures so that all your employees can read and understand them, or you can just take the easy way out and...

Save yourself the time and trouble

We've done all the work for you in the Health and Safety Advisor. We've included templates and easy to understand policies for each health and safety topic, including your employees obligations.

It's easy to read and written in simple layman terms so your employees will never have trouble understanding what's required of them!

Until next time

Stay safe

Leah Mathibe
Online product Manager: Health and Safety

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Download your HSE procedures checklist NOW!
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