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6 Tips to deal with employees who just won't listen to you

by , 21 March 2016
When an employee signs his employment contract, he's agreeing to listen to, and obey all your reasonable instructions. And if he doesn't obey you, he's in breach of his contract.

But what if he doesn't, or won't, listen to you? What do you do then?

Keep reading below to find out how you can effectively manage a disobedient employee in your workplace.

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6 Tips to manage a disobedient employee

If an employee disobeys a reasonable instruction you give him, you must act quickly to ensure that it doesn't diminish your authority.

Here are 6 tips you can use to get to the bottom of this…

1. Ask the employee why he's refusing to listen to you. It could be that he has some legitimate concerns, or has misunderstood the instruction. Address any issues that he raises.

2. Consider if your instruction is actually reasonable. Have you maybe asked him to do something which could be best achieved another way? Do you need to modify your instruction?

3. Think about if the employee needs some support. Maybe he doesn't feel like he can meet the instruction because he doesn't have the training or knowledge. If so, you need to give him the training or support he needs.
If you ever have to manage misconduct in your workplace, there are 6 crucial things you need to consider


6 tips you can use, continued…

4. If there isn't a valid reason for you to modify the instruction, repeat it to the employee. Explain clearly to him why it's within reason.

5. Ensure that the employee understands the consequences of refusing to listen to you. If disciplinary action is a possible outcome, make sure he fully understands this.

6. Don't ever leave the situation unresolved. Make sure the employee follows through on your instructions, withdraws his refusal or complies with the instruction.

So don't let an employee challenge your authority when you give him a reasonable request!

P.S Being able to respond to employee misconduct quickly, confidently and effectively is key to putting bad behaviour to a stop! Don't waste any more time...


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6 Tips to deal with employees who just won't listen to you
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