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Are you guilty of these four no-no's when advertising jobs in your company?

by , 18 November 2013
A recruitment company is fraudulently advertising traffic officer jobs in the Western Cape. Candidates are requested to submit their CVs and also a R150 cash fee. But the job ads are bogus, and candidates will probably never see their R150 ever again! When you write job ads for your company, are you guilty of the errors that could land you in hot water?

According to the experts at the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf, if your job ad is discriminatory or offensive, a candidate could argue that you're guilty of unfair labour practices.

Make sure you avoid these four job ad errors

1.       Don't use any discriminatory language. For example: Delivery boy, males only, not suitable for married individuals, only single people need apply, onlyChristian individuals, young females, etc. 

2.       Don't use slang or improper language, e.g. no jollers please, cool, etc.
3.       Don't specify 'Affirmative Action' or 'EE position' unless you have specific targets in your organisation's employment equity plan. If you don't have an employment equity plan, and someone from a non-designated group challenges this clause, they can lodge a case of unfair discrimination against you.
4.       Don't put acronyms or abbreviations that are specific to your company in your job ad. The general public might not understand these, e.g. AE instead of account executive, etc.
Make sure you DO include these six essential elements in your job ads:
  1. Job title
  2. The job description
  3. Qualifications 
  4. Skills and experience
  5. AA/EE compliant
  6. Other
In this section in your job ad, state:
  • What area the job is in;
  • Working hours, if they aren't Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm;
  •  If they need to have transport or not;
  • Your company details and contact details;
  • What the remuneration package is. If you don't, you may receive applications from people who're earning more than you're willing to pay; and
  • If anything extra must be submitted with the CV, e.g. one-page letter motivation why they are perfect for the position, copies of the qualification, etc.; and
  •  What the closing date for applications is.
 There you have it. By following these requirements, your job ads will go smoothly. 

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Are you guilty of these four no-no's when advertising jobs in your company?
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