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Be more effective as a company with these 8 goal-alignment tactics

by , 23 December 2015
Goal alignment within an organisation refers to getting all people, from all divisions, departments and branches to work together in order to meet similar goals. This is also referred to as business goals.

But that's easier said than done, so here are 8 tactics you can use to make sure your goals are properly aligned...

Tactic#1: Introduce an effective goal-setting strategy

For example, the 'people-centric' model is a very popular model as it's used by a wide range of companies.

In this top-down model, goals are set by the CEO, and are then aligned to the company's strategic objectives. From this, the CEO's direct reports set their own performance goals, each of which is linked in some way to the CEO's plan. This process repeats itself down the company until every individual employees' goals are linked to the goals of their supervisors.

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Tactic#2: Introduce an effective and efficient goal-setting process

The goal-setting process can consist of time-consuming and haphazard procedures, so make an effort to keep it as simple as possible.

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Tactic#3: Make sure your employees' goals are correctly aligned to your organisations overall business goals

In order to achieve goal alignment, you must first communicate strategic business objectives across the entire company so that all the employees understand what the company is trying to achieve. This communication can be done verbally, visually or as written communication.

Encourage employees to gain an understanding of other departments' goals, other than their own, as this can greatly assist them in getting a
more holistic picture of the entire company's goals, which in turn can lead to goal alignment.
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Be more effective as a company with these 8 goal-alignment tactics
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