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Create an effective job description by adding these 8 elements

by , 11 February 2016
If you have a job description of the job you're hiring for, you'll have a clear idea of the minimum skill and experience required.

This means that the job advertisement you create will show exactly what type of candidate you're looking for.

This will encourage suitably qualified people to apply.

Now, in developing you own effective job description, ensure that you include the following 8 elements...

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Element#1: Position title

Titles must reflect the market terminology for the job.

Element#2: Department

Element#3: Division

Element#4: Responsible supervisor

This will be the immediate manager of the employee.

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Element#5: Job purpose

Here you should include the key functions of the job in one or two sentences.

Element#6: Organisation chart

This should show who the employee should report to, his peers and his subordinates (if any).

Element#7: Key performance areas

A key performance area (KPA) is a group of tasks the person's been hired to do. In other words, it can help an applicant measure herself accordingly to see if she can do the job.

You shouldn't have more than 5 key performance areas in your ad's job description.

Element#8: Tasks

Here you'll describe the specific tasks that relate to the key performance areas.

These should be relatively detailed, as you may find that one key performance area has several tasks attached to it.
Example of tasks:

The marketing manager's secretary may have the following tasks linked to the KPA of customer complaints:

a.Take calls from customers who wish to lodge complaints and record details of the customer and the complaint.

b.Ensure the customer receives a letter of apology from the company as well as details on what course of action the company has taken to resolve the complaint.


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Create an effective job description by adding these 8 elements
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