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Five steps to deal with picketing

by , 31 August 2015
Picketing is generally not considered to be as crippling to your business as opposed to a full-blown strike. But it is highly recommended that you treat it just as you would a strike!
This will include careful consideration and thought into the potential setbacks any disruptions caused by picketing will have on your company. You will also need to minimise these setbacks as much as possible.

Apart from these considerations, there are also various steps that you can take when your employees call for a picket. So take action when it comes and be on top of the game!

Here are five steps that you can take:

1. Confirm that the notification for picketing has been authorised by a registered trade union and that it clearly shows the name, address and contact details of the trade union. 

Also confirm that the notification contains specific details on the location, date and time, as well as the duration of the picket.
2. If it exists, check your collective agreement immediately to look into the rules around picketing! 

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3. Try  agree on expected behaviour during the picket to ensure that business commences as usual. 
4. Ensure that the picketers do n't prevent any people such as customers and other employees from entering or leaving your premises.
5. Get information immediately as to whether or not the picket is protected or not. 
If it is not, take action straight away to stop it from even starting. 
So there you have it! There are five steps to take when your employees notify you of a picket. 
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Five steps to deal with picketing
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