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Follow these seven steps if you're considering dismissing an employee on probation

by , 29 September 2015
A probation period is a length of time you use to see if an employee is suitable for the job.

If the employee is newly-hired or an existing employee who's been promoted, you can use a probation period BEFORE confirming permanent employment in the position.

But you CAN'T abuse probation period! In other words, you can't dismiss an employee after his probation period and hire a new employee on a fresh probation period.

If you want to terminate a probationer's employment, there are seven steps you need to follow to legally dismiss a probationer:


Set performance standards.


Communicate the performance standards to the probationer.


Evaluate the probationer's performance.

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Provide any training the probationer needs for the job. But also remember that his qualifications, if he has any, can mean that extensive training isn't reasonably expected.

Give the probationer ongoing guidance and counsel on poor performance according to joint problem solving. A plan of action can then follow.


Only consider dismissal if you've used up all the ways of getting him to improve . And don't forget to ensure  these 'ways' are reasonable.


Before dismissing, give the probationer a chance to explain himself.

So, there are seven practical steps to follow before considering a probationer's dismissal.

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Follow these seven steps if you're considering dismissing an employee on probation
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