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Make your recruitment policy procedurally watertight by including these 3 items

by , 29 February 2016
Your recruitment and selection policy is a vitally important component of your recruitment and selection process.

This is fairly obvious, considering that it lays out what the procedures and processes are.

By having an effective recruitment and selection policy in place, you can ensure legal compliance, which in turn can prevent any nasty comebacks from the CCMA.

So in order to help you formulate a legally, and procedurally, watertight recruitment and selection policy, include the following 3 items in it...


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Item#1: Who the policy applies to

You should be very clear as to who the policy applies to.

Make it apply to all permanent, temporary and contract employees within the organisation, INCLUDING all external applicants.

This will make sure that every person is treated the same and that your procedure is fair and objective.

Item#2: Who has the authority to change it

You should add who exactly has the authority to change the policy.

This should only really be senior management, such as the CEO, HR Director or the management committee.


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It should also make very clear who has the authority to recruit new employees.

For example, this could be limited to management or the HR department.

Item#3: The type of interview process

You must specify what type of interview process you'll use.

This will include:

·         A two-step or three-step interview process;
·         A structured or unstructured interview; or
·         Any types of interview-related testing, such as psychometric testing and so on.

Specify what documentation should be provided to the candidate as well as to the interviewers, and include the format of questions to be asked.
*By including the following 3 items in your recruitment and selection policy, you can save yourself a lot of headaches from the CCMA regarding procedural inconsistencies and unfairness.

And so it's always HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you specify every minute detail regarding the entire process.

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Make your recruitment policy procedurally watertight by including these 3 items
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