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Use these 4 steps to conduct a successful performance review

by , 21 December 2015
The success of a performance review is vitally important to realising an increase in your employees' performance.

So follow these 4 steps to a successful performance review and encourage your employees to work longer and harder for you:

Step#1: Set the tone

Reassure the employee that the purpose of the review is simply to discuss:

·        Performance achievements over the past review period;
·        Ways in which the company can help improve performance;
·        Goals and objectives for the new review period;
Make it clear that the review session is to focus on the positive performance areas so as to reinforce and improve overall performance.

Step#2: Discuss performance achievements over the review period

Ask the employee questions such as:

·        What have you achieved in the past 6 months?
·        Against what measures? For example, income earned.
·        Do these measures equate to job success?
·        What opportunities do you see for performance improvement?
·        etc.

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Step#3: Discuss performance results

Reflect on what has been discussed so far.

Discuss measurement criteria in which you both agree to them or seek to understand and possibly improve on them.

Remember to differentiate between issues which are individual in nature as opposed to issues which concern the whole organisation.

Step#4: Look at ways to improve performance

Here, you must identify problems and agree to solutions together.

Example questions can include:

·        Where do you believe there are opportunities to improve on overall performance?
·        Are there any areas where work can be distributed in the organisation?
·        etc.
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Remember: Performance reviews don't have to be a dreaded occasion!

Instead, they can be a great opportunity for you to build a greater understanding of your employees, alongside stronger relationships with them.

It's all about perspective. 

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Use these 4 steps to conduct a successful performance review
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