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Use these 8 criteria to select the best outsource provider for the job

by , 23 December 2015
Outsourcing is when you use an external company to do services or run operations on your behalf. It's usually the responsibility of your HR department and management. And with labour issues rising, outsourcing has become a fairly common practice in order to meet many companies' business demands.

Now, if you're considering outsourcing, making a decision on which outsource provider to use can seem a bit overwhelming. BUT we've some great tips for you to follow in helping you make such a decision.

Here are 8 evaluation criteria when selecting an outsource provider...


Look into the accounts the potential outsource provider has handled in the past.

For example, if you're a start-up company and the outsource provider in question has plenty of experiencing dealing with outsourcing companies, then it may very well be a good option.


Critically analyse the outsource provider's expertise and business strategy.

In other words, look for a company that specifically focusses on areas you want outsourced, instead of a company which 'does it all'.

Look into the technical competencies of the outsource provider, confirm their focus area and weigh up what you see as their strengths and weaknesses.

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Request the company to submit a business proposal which will emphasise exactly how they'll do the job. They should also lay out the rules and responsibilities of the parties.


Ensure that the outsource provider can comply with your security issues and concerns. For example, client information.


Ask the potential provider if you can take part in the recruitment, hiring and training process, and take careful note if they don't allow you to do so.
*Remember that selecting an outsourcing provider should NEVER be based on guesswork! By following these criteria, you can ensure that you select the best provider for the job at hand.

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Use these 8 criteria to select the best outsource provider for the job
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