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Is your office looking empty? Here are the top four reasons why your employees may be M.I.A.

by , 10 April 2014
Absenteeism in the workplace results in more lost working days each year than strike action. It's a problem every business has and it can leave your business weak and your profits down. The best way to fight the problem of absenteeism is to find out why your employees are M.I.A. Here are the top four reasons for absenteeism is the work place...

3 Absenteeism excuses you can penalise employees for
Excuse #1: 'I went to the clinic, but they were too busy to give me a sick note. I wasn't feeling well and I didn't want to wait for nurse to write a note.'
Excuse #2: 'I ran out of airtime and I couldn't buy any because I didn't have money.'
Excuse #3: 'I had to attend my aunt's cousin's daughter's wedding ceremony in Rustenburg. I only found out about it at the last minute.'
You've most probably heard these excuses, and many more, one too many times… Find out how to reject these excuses today.
M.I.A employees? Here are the main reasons for absenteeism in the workplace
You may have heard all of the excuses about why your employees can't be at work but only a few are legitimate. But whatever the excuse there is still something that is keeping them out of the office. Forbes lists several causes of absenteeism and the top four are:
#1: Being bullied and harassed 
Employees who don't feel safe at work and don't enjoy being there will find any reason not to be there. Bullying and harassment is a big reason for employees feeling this way. If you get any bullying and harassment complaints you must take them seriously.
#2: Burn out and stress
Both work and personal stress can have a big effect on employee morale. Work-related stress such as heavy workloads and over whelming pressure can make employees feel anxiety about their jobs. This may lead to them being absent. Be sure to manage your employees stress levels.
#3: Caring for others
Parents, especially of young children, are often absent because they have to take care of their children. This is understandable even if it's not an acceptable reason. This is a type of family responsibility leave. Consider the possibility of having a at work nursery to avoid this kind of absenteeism
#4: Depression
Depression plays a big role in absenteeism as employees lose all motivation for most normal activities. If you suspect one of your employees has depression consider privately recommending that they get professional help.  They may need to take a medical leave of absence while they're getting treatment.
Avoid giving your employees a 52% salary increase...
When employees go on strike they'll do anything to get you to meet their demands...
Would you be able to afford to give your employees a 52% salary increase and still be able keep your company?
Control unauthorised absenteeism
According to Bayt there are three kinds of absenteeism in the workplace; legal, authorised and unauthorised. Now legal and authorised can be managed, but you should try prevent unauthorised absenteeism. Do this by making employees present a medical certificate for any day missed. But it would be better to get to the route of the problem by finding out which one of the reasons above are causing absenteeism in your workplace.

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Is your office looking empty? Here are the top four reasons why your employees may be M.I.A.
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