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Use this handy Leave Request Form template to manage your employee's sick leave

by , 18 November 2016
Use this handy Leave Request Form template to manage your employee's sick leaveDid you know sick leave abuse costs South African employers R19 billion every year? That's right. This shocking stat shows the importance of managing leave correctly. And that's where this Leave Request Form template can help...

Why do you need to use a Leave Request Form to manage your employee's leave?

The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service says employees must apply for leave writing on the prescribed Application for Leave form or Leave Request Form.

Note: The Application for Leave form or Leave Request Form is sometimes referred to as a 'leave application letter'. To avoid any confusion; make sure your employees refer to it as an Application for Leave Form or Leave Request Form.

Tell your employees to get this form from your Human Resources Department. And you can make it clear in your leave policy that they must apply for leave two weeks prior to the requested dates and submit it to their line manager.

Having a Leave Request Form will basically help you keep tabs on who is taking leave and the type of leave they're taking. This form will also help you manage leave better as they'll be little room for sick leave abuse.
So what does this form include?


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What does a Leave Request Form look like and what's on the form?

You can find the Leave Request Form template here.

The Leave Request Form or Application for Leave form contains the following info:

#1: Employee name
#2: Department 
#3: Manager or superior that your employee reports to 
#4: Type of absence requested (your employee must choose the relevant reason)

  • Sick
  • Bereavement
  • Paid leave
  • Time Off without pay
  • Personal Leave
  • Maternity/Paternity
  • Others

#5: Dates of absence
#6: Reason of absence
#7: Employee's signature and date

The Leave Request Form also contains a section of details (Manager/supervisor approval). This is the section you must fill in as a manager or supervisor. This includes your signature, date, the comments section and whether you've approved or rejected your employee's leave.

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Use this handy Leave Request Form template to manage your employee's sick leave
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