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Keep your employees motivated as the continuing bus strike takes its toll!

by , 07 May 2013
Are your employees looking tired? Little wonder if they use public transport. With the bus drivers' strike now entering its third week, commuters are paying up to three times as much to travel by taxi and taking up to three hours to travel just one way to or from work. Now wage negotiation talks have stalled. Here's how to keep your employees motivated to perform well at work, even if they're feeling hopeless about their transport!

Talks between the local bus drivers' union and employers have deadlocked, with trade union Satawu saying it remains hopeful that employers will agree to a double-digit wage increase for bus drivers, says The SABC
This may seem like a hopeless case, but it's even worse for commuters who've been affected by the bus strike.
'It's terrible, it's unbelievable. We actually can't handle it anymore,' said one commuter in The SABC article. 
So if your employees are among those affected by the bus strike, you may need to keep them motivated to be productive at work.
Because feeling that one area of their lives easily spreads into others.
Communication: The best employee motivation tool!
One way to nip this in the bud is to keep your employees informed about what is going on in
the business unit they're involved in and the company as a whole. 
'Communicate, communicate, communicate,' says the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf.
This works because people like to feel they're kept informed and are updated about developments.
So if management has issued an email that affects your employees in some way – even if it's just sent to you, it's a good idea to get your employees together and talk them through the details. 
They'll appreciate this as it makes them feel included.
If your employees are still down and unproductive, talk to them about the bus strike.
It could just be that they want their frustrations to be heard.
Then, after listening to your employees, take the necessary steps to help them.
One way to motivate your employees to increase productivity if they're affected by the bus strike
For example, you could adopt a flexible work policy during the bus strike.
You can also allow your employees to leave early if they've finished their core tasks by negotiating a compromise – tell your employees they can work in the time they missed at a later stage, once the strike is over, says FSP Business.
By showing you care, you'll soon find your employees are motivated to work hard again.

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Keep your employees motivated as the continuing bus strike takes its toll!
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