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Three things great bosses never do

by , 25 June 2014
You can make an impact as an employer without doing anything.

According to CBS news.com, what you don't do can make as much, or sometimes more of an impact than what you actually do. It can say a lot about your leadership style and abilities as a manager.

The site says there are three things great leaders never do. Read on to find out what they are.

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Believe it or not, but great bosses never do these three things

#1: They never say: 'Look... I've been meaning to apologise...'

Apologies should be made on the spot every time. You should never need to apologise for not having apologised sooner. When you mess up, 'fess up right away,' writes Jeff Haden on CBS news.com.

If you want your employees to immediately tell you when they make a mistake, model the same behaviour.

#2: They never hold meetings to solicit ideas

According to Haden, many companies hold brainstorming sessions to solicit ideas for improvement, especially when times get tough.

If you think this sounds great because you're 'engaging employees' and 'valuing their contributions', you're wrong.

The truth is you don't need a meeting to get input.

When your employees know you listen, they often bring ideas to you. Plus, the better way to ask for ideas is to talk to people individually and to be more specific.

You can for example say: 'I wish we could find a way to get orders through our system faster. What would you change if you were me?'

This approach works because employees picture themselves doing your job and doing your job better all the time. They have ideas.

So be open, act on good ideas, explain why less than good ideas aren't feasible... And you'll get all the input you can handle.

There's one more thing great bosses never do.

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Avoid doing this at all costs - great bosses never do it

#3: Never call in favours

It's not a good idea to play the guilt card, like saying: 'John, I've been very flexible with your schedule the last few months while your wife was sick... Now I really need you to come through for me and work this weekend...'

Haden says generosity should always be a one-way street.

He adds: 'Be flexible when it's the right thing to do. Be accommodating when it's the right thing to do and never do favours for employees in anticipation of return. As a leader, only give - never take.'

There you have it. Steer clear of these three things and who knows your employees' productivity levels will improve because you treat them well.

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Three things great bosses never do
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