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Six reasons you must do a trend-analysis on how you issue and re-issue PPE

by , 19 May 2014
If you supply Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), there's one thing you must do today: A trend-analysis. It's the only way to see who's abusing, damaging, losing or even selling your company's PPE. This will affect your bottom line because you'll be constantly re-issuing expensive PPE without knowing why.

But this is just one of the reasons you need to do a trend-analysis of how you issue and re-issue PPE.

Read on to find out six more reasons you need to keep track of how often you issue PPE in your company.


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Six more reasons to do a trend-analysis of how you issue and re-issue PPE in your workplace

The Health & Safety Advisor says you must do a trend-analysis of the issue and re-issue of PPE for the following reasons:


  1. To find out why you need to re-issue PPE;
  2. To evaluate whether you've provided sufficient PPE training;
  3. To find out the cost of PPE so you can budget properly for it in the next financial year;
  4. To evaluate the selected PPE for quality and durability;
  5. To see which PPE isn't working properly so you can change the brand for a better one; and
  6. To prove your compliance incase the Department of Labour investigates accidents in your workplace.

Now that you know why you must do a trend-analysis of how you issue and re-issue PPE, tell your employees these important points regarding PPE…


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The OHSA prohibits the abuse of PPE and PPE abusers will pay

You must tell your employees that the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Section 15) says 'no person may misuse or abuse anything provided in the interests of health and safety.'

Tell them that if they cross the line, they'll face criminal charges in terms of Section 15 and you'll make them pay for abusing company PPE.

Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner and expert at the Health & Safety Club, Johann Botes suggests 'you [also] add in your PPE policy that if an employee misuses or damages PPE, the company will replace it at the employees' cost.' Make sure your employees are aware of this.

Doing a PPE trend-analysis will help you keep track of how often you must issue PPE and the reasons why you must re-issue. This'll save you thousands in the long run.

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Six reasons you must do a trend-analysis on how you issue and re-issue PPE
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