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The one piece of PPE for hand tools you can't do without

by , 21 July 2014
Drilling, hammering, plying, wrenching, cutting and sanding; all of these are common construction site activities. Your employees are always busy with their hands.

If something were to happen to their hands though, they'd have serious problems and this could have a negative impact on your business.

That's where personal protect equipment (PPE) comes in.

Read on to discover your main PPE requirement for the use of hand tools like drills, hammers and wrenches...

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Hand tool accidents and injuries can happen so easily 

Picture this scene: Your employee Marious is working with a drill. The wooden panels he's drilling are balanced on two stands, one of which Marious propped up with a rock. The rock suddenly shifts, the stand falls, the wood panels move and Marious drills right into his hand.
A single chain of events caused a serious accident with a hand tool. But how could you prevent this?
Of course you can train employees like Marious so they won't do things like prop stands up with loose rock, but sadly, the training won't prevent an injury if an accident still happens.
That's why you have to give your employees this vital piece of protective clothing if they work with hand tools...

This one piece of PPE protects your employees' hands 

Safety gloves are a vital piece of safety gear when it comes to hand safety. 
You can get safety gloves that have strong leather outsides, chainmail insides and thick inner linings to stop any hand tool blade or drill that comes close from injuring your employee. 
They can also absorb the pressure of an impact from something like a hammer.
Without good safety gloves in their PPE arsenal, your employees' hands will always be in danger.
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The one piece of PPE for hand tools you can't do without
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