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Warning: Put these five items on your shopping list when you buy new PPE

by , 08 July 2014
As part of your efforts to ensure your company is compliant with all the OHS regulations you must ensure you have the right safety equipment.

This includes heatproof glass, safety screens and personal protective equipment (PPE). But do you know what you should get to ensure your employees are always safe?

If you put these five item on your PPE shopping list, they will be...

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Did you know, without PPE, your employees are at risk of having a workplace accident?

PPE is an underrated way to protect your employees. This because PPE is the most versatile safety equipment you can have. 
Machine-specific safety equipment, for example, only protects your employees from the hazards of that particularly machine. PPE, on the other hand, can protect your employees for a number of accidents.
So don't spend hours looking for machine safety measures, when they aren't as effective as protective clothing. Rather spend your time acquiring good quality PPE and add these five items to your shopping list...

Here's what your PPE shopping list should consist of

1. Hard hats: These are a vital piece of safety wear as they protect your employees from fatal head injuries; 
2. Safety gloves: If your employees work with hand tools and equipment these can protect them from nasty accidents;
3. Safety boots: Your employees' feet need to be as protected as their hands. Safety boots protect them from heavy objects that could fall on them.
4. Safety goggles: If your employees work with tools, machinery, dust or they work outside, safety goggles can protect their eyes from dangerous partials.
5. Safety harnesses: If your employees work at heights, safety harnesses are a must. They can protect your employees from dangerous falls.
There you have it: Add these five pieces of safety gear to your shopping list today to protect your employees from workplace hazards.
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Warning: Put these five items on your shopping list when you buy new PPE
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