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Are your employees spending too much time on the company phone? Use the five tips to manage it

by , 05 July 2013
If your employees miss their deadlines because they don't have enough time in the day, it may be because they're spending too much time on the phone. It's important that you manage your employees' time. This will help them become more productive and ensure every deadline is met. Use these five tips to help your employees manage their time on the phone.

Do you employees miss their deadlines because they're just spending too much time on the phone and as a result neglecting their work?

It's crucial that you manage this time 'stealer' so you can teach them how to manage it before their lack of productivity affects your company.

Five tips to manage phone time before it affects your company's bottom line

Tip 1: Employees must group their calls. To save time, advise employees to group calls and avoid phoning several people and saying the same thing to all of them.

They can also do all their phone calls during an allocated time during the day. The best time is midmorning, which is also the time they're most likely to catch people at their desks.

Tip 2: Employees must be brief on the phone. Being brief and to the point isn't only a good time saver, it's also professional. Employees don't have to be abrupt, they must simply keep it brief and factual.

Tip 3: Advise employees to prepare what they want to say and have all the telephone numbers handy. It's a good idea to advise employees to prepare a few bullet points of what they want to say, before they have the discussion.

This serves two purposes: They'll stick to the point and remember all the points – which saves them from having to call back later to raise the point they forgot. And it ensures they don't get side-tracked by the other person and as a result forget all the reasons they phoned in the first place.

Tip 4: Employees must monitor the time spend on the call .This is a good time management tool. Employees often lose sight of how long it takes to chat over the phone. Monitoring time spent will help them stick to the point, says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

Tip 5: Advise employees to practice finishing conversations. Your employees need to be self-disciplined, when they finish their list of bullet points, they must end the conversation.

Use these tips to ensure your employees don't disrupt your business by spending too much time chatting on company phones and neglecting their work.

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Are your employees spending too much time on the company phone? Use the five tips to manage it
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