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Do this to ensure your employees don't misuse their company cell phones

by , 30 March 2015
The Limpopo province is investigating their deputy speaker, Lehlogonolo Masoga. This after he racked up a whopping R125 000 cell phone bill in one month.

Talk about a huge bill!

But that's not the problem. The real problem is the fact that, the City Press reports, a huge chunk of it allegedly came because Masoga watched porn while on an official overseas trip.

Talk about a no-no! Especially since his cell phone is, by rights, company property.

What about your employees? If you give them company phones, do you know what they're really spending their time doing on it? And can you actually do anything to stop the misuse of company property.

Labour law says you can.

Read on to discover what it is...

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Cell phone abuse in the workplace – a much bigger problem than just employee unproductivity 

When you think about cell phone abuse in the workplace, we bet you're thinking about all the time your employee wastes texting and chatting to family and friends when she should be working. 
While that's a definite problem, if she's doing this on your company cell phone it has much broader implications. 
All those non-business related conversations, texts and Internet browsing are costing you money. And while the bill may not be as large as the one the Limpopo province is facing, it's time you start monitoring your employees' cell phone use more closely. 
And that's where this one document can help.

Before giving your employee a company cell phone, make him sign this

The bottom line is that your business owns the phone. 
For this reason, your company's HR policies and procedures should mention cell phone use and you need to ensure employees comply with the policy.  
According to the experts at the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service, your policy should remind employees that company cars, computers, and any company-issued communication devices (including their cell phone) belong to you, the employer. Your employee must use them strictly for work-related purposes. 
Also make it clear you reserve the right to track employees via the Internet, email and mobile phone use. Then use that right to do random checks to show you're enforcing this policy and won't take cell phone abuse lying down. 

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Do this to ensure your employees don't misuse their company cell phones
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