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Here's how to ensure your company's anti-racism campaign doesn't have the same holes as Cape Town's

by , 24 March 2015
Cape Town mayor, Patricia de Lille, is in the firing line again. This time from the Institute for Race Relations.

It's attacked what de Lillle did on Human Rights Day this weekend when she launched the city's race dialogue.

According to news reports, it's worried that: 'Without clear policy changes to create economic opportunities for all, the City of Cape Town's new anti-racism campaign could end up being nothing more than a 'talk shop''.

What about your company's anti-racism campaign? Does it really do what you need it to?

Most don't. And that's why today, we're going to show you how to change that.


Use these six strategies to ensure a racism-free work environment

It's no good just having a racism policy in place, experts behind the Human Resources for Managers Loose Leaf Service say you also need to make sure all your employees know about it and stick to it. 
Since you might not know what that actually entails, here are six things you can do to educate your employees about your stance on racism:
1. Train your staff.
Make sure all your employees understand and sign your racism policy.
2. Tell candidates about your policy during interviews.
Cover your policy during the interview phase. You'll also get a good sense of whether potential employees are on board with your hard line on no racism in the workplace. 
3. Bring it into induction process.
Cover your policy in detail during induction. Employees must know your workplaces is a zero tolerance zone. In these sessions, give your employees examples of racist workplace behaviour and remind them that you WON'T tolerate it. 
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4. Have regular information and racism awareness sessions.
Let your EE Forum drive this process. 
5. Make sure your grievance procedure works.
Employees must lodge racism complaints. Mediators must handle these complaints, and any other forms of intolerance, correctly. Train mediators to deal with this kind of conflict. 
6. Hold regular cultural sensitivity training sessions.
Help employees get a greater awareness of their own prejudices. These sessions must include a section on their legal obligations to uphold the company rule to create a racism-free environment. Include a section on how to enhance discussions in the workplace
With these strategies firmly in mind, you'll be able to ensure your anti-racism campaign works and doesn't fall flat like de Lille's. 

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Here's how to ensure your company's anti-racism campaign doesn't have the same holes as Cape Town's
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