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Parliament adopts strict rules to curb absenteeism! Do the same in your company starting today

by , 11 March 2014
Parliament is getting tough on absenteeism. It's adopted harsh rules to clamp down on MP absenteeism. Continue reading to find out about the measures they've taken so you can use them to deal with absenteeism in your workplace more effectively.

Lessons you can learn from Parliament's new absenteeism rules

No workplace is immune to employee absenteeism. So it's no surprise to discover that Parliament is facing this problem.

The good thing is it's recognised the problem and has taken drastic steps to deal with Members of Parliament who are absent without permission.

The SABC reports that Parliament's Multi Party Joint Rules Committee has adopted a leave and attendance policy.

According to the new rules, if an MP who serves permanently on a Portfolio Committee is absent for three consecutive committee meetings without permission from his political party, he'll pay a fine of R1000 for each meeting he's absent from.

If he's absent for 15 or more consecutive sittings of the National Assembly or the National Council of Provinces, he could lose their Parliamentary seat.

In the report, Stone Sizani, the ANC's Chief Whip in Parliament, says the adoption of the policy is a step in the right direction as it'll make MP's more accountable and more transparent in the execution of their task.

While you don't have to go as far as fining your employees R1000 for being absent, you must have an absenteeism policy in place.


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In addition to an absenteeism policy, use the following to limit absenteeism in your workplace

  • Introduce incentive schemes to encourage employees not to be absent.
  • Have an ongoing analysis of attendance in your workplace. For example, look for patterns of absenteeism.
  • 'Ensure managers effectively and stringently apply the policies and procedures regarding absenteeism. It's important that you deal with all your employees consistently,' says the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service.

There you have it. Knowing what other organisations are doing to deal with absenteeism will help ensure you're well informed and know how to deal with absenteeism effectively.

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Parliament adopts strict rules to curb absenteeism! Do the same in your company starting today
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