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Seven points to include in your absenteeism policy

by , 16 November 2016
Seven points to include in your absenteeism policyAbsenteeism is a billion rand problem and there's no doubt your company suffers this scourge. Employees arriving late and leaving early, being off sick regularly or taking extended lunch and smoke breaks are all forms of absenteeism. Here are seven points you must include in your absenteeism policy to reduce this type of absenteeism.

Having an absenteeism policy in place is one way to reduce absenteeism in your workplace, says the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service.

Here's a checklist of the information you must have in your policy to make it effective.

Include these seven points to your absenteeism policy

#1: State that your employee is required to fill in a leave form for any sick or other leave taken so you're aware of when your employees are absent from duty.

#2: Make it clear that your employee must produce a medical certificate for any sick leave taken. Try to encourage employees to bring medical certificates even if they've just taken one day off.

#3: Indicate that your employee must contact his manager within a reasonable period of time if he'll be absent from work and he must advise how long he'll be away from work.

#4: Define what you regard as a reasonable level of absenteeism. State that if an employee's absence exceeds that level, you'll start a counselling process to investigate and address the reasons he's absent.

#5: Indicate what steps you'll take to support an employee who's trying to remedy unacceptable levels of absence.

#6: Include incentives or rewards for substantial improvements in levels of attendance or for full attendance over specified periods.

#7: Indicate that if your employee continues to be frequently absent after you've given him a reasonable period for improvement, you may dismiss him.

Including these points to will help ensure your absenteeism policy is effective.

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Seven points to include in your absenteeism policy
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