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Six great, tested tips for redesigning your customer service. Your company's performance will improve!

by , 26 May 2015
Innovation and redesign are essential in business if you want to make it to the top and be the best in your field. When it comes to customer service and performance management, finding new ways of doing old tricks can be what saves your business and sky-rockets it through the roof.

When specialists are sent to companies to help them improve their performance, most managers will say they already know everything. But one of the main things is to find out if you really know your customers, if the customer policies really benefit the client, what are the objectives and how you can improve what doesn't work as good as it could work?

Here are some tips to help you redesign your customer care policy, have better performance management results, develop new ways of getting better results in the same area of activity and developing creative ideas through a single process.

1. Create the greatest customer service plan and objectives

Put a lot of effort into this. Smallbizla.org recommends asking "your customers, vendors, and your employees for their feedback on customer service" and "allowing the players to provide feedback and take it with open arms". You can then set customer standards for your business and train your employees accordingly. Make sure you treat all your clients equally without making differences between a gold client and someone's who's buying from you for the first time.

2. Make sure you review Your Customer Policies

This means you need to do a lot of work collecting all your policies and cross check them with complaints together with the positive feedback from customer. This will help you, according to the same source, have a better approach or remove the policy from your standards. It will also help you identify easier what other aspects need to be changed.

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3. Get into the habit of asking a lot of question, really paying attention and finally doing a follow-up so all that information is not wasted

We've already discussed how a follow-up is essential when performing reviews or employees evaluation. No matter the area in performance management, follow-up is essential. Ask the right questions when you interact with your customers and get the answers that will help you improve your customer care policies.

4. Find the right employees skills

What skills are needed for a great customer care policy? "Don't forget to include your customer service standards in your job descriptions and performance reviews, then enforce and measure those standards", advises the same source.

5. Train your employees

We should never stop learning and if you look for continuous improvement, then you'll need continuous learning, together with your employees. Make sure they understand that it's essential to observe what matters to the customers and educate everyone so that they don't fear communication and sharing information.

6. Redesign the path from the customer to you

How hard is it for a customer or a potential client to find you and buy from you? Place yourself in their shoes, test the path, check how easy or difficult buying from online is and make sure you are aware of the full process.

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Six great, tested tips for redesigning your customer service. Your company's performance will improve!
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