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Change your opinion of cell phones in the workplace by using them as a recruitment tool!

by , 30 January 2013
Social media is the bane of every workplace. It's where employees go to badmouth your company to the world, where they spend many unproductive hours and are the cause of much office distraction. But studies show your company's recruiters need to learn how to use social media channels to tap into the growing job market that actually has access to the internet via mobile phone! Here are two ways you can start using cell phones as a recruitment tool today...

There must be an annoying employee or colleague that comes to mind when you think of excessive cell phone use at the workplace.You know the one who's constantly tapping away and causes the whole office to look up when their phone vibrates.
And since most cell phone networks provide free access to an array of social media channels, which further lowers productivity mobile phones in the workplaceare seen as a big problem, The Health and Safety Bulletin reports.
But they shouldn't be. Because mobile phones can bearecruitment tool to access the growing job market.
Forbes magazine dubbed 2013 the 'year of social HR', according to the HR Pulse newsdesk. This meansHR executives in charge of recruiting or sourcing talent now need to know how to use social media tools to their advantage to source candidates for particular jobs.
Put mobile phones to use in your HR department!
'In the last five years, online recruitment has become an essential HR practice with US research showing 92% of companies now recruit via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Seven in ten companies have successfully hired this way', writes Mark Gray of Graylink on the SALeader website.
But the situation differs in South Africa. Here, 'technology is still used in a very basic way to advertise on job boards and direct candidates to an email address or applicant tracking system', Gray adds.
Here are two ways your company can put cell phones to use as a recruitment tool
With eight in ten South Africans in possession of a mobile phone, it's the best way to reach candidates, especially blue collar workers. Different to the US, Africa will have 85% non-smartphone users by 2015, which makes SMS an ideal communication channel.
That's why recruiters should start figuring out how to integrate mobile into the recruitment process as a job application channel.
Two ways to do so are to:
  1. Start mobile marketing of job ads – this involves advertising for positions on mobile websites, which have a different format to normal websites, and
  2. Automate the job application process via various mobile channels including SMS, mobile Internet, and instant messaging (like MXit), addsGray on BizCommunity.
Incorporate these mobile channels into your recruitment strategy to reach the widest range of possible new employees!
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Change your opinion of cell phones in the workplace by using them as a recruitment tool!
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