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Do you make these three mistakes when recruiting?

by , 10 October 2014
You're experiencing high turnover in your business.

Today, you opened your inbox to see the 4th resignation this month. Your employees are leaving in droves and some don't even tell you they're resigning, they just stop showing up.

What's more, you're dealing with employees who aren't performing well. You're frustrated because your business isn't productive and you don't know what you did to deserve this.

We'll tell you for free what you did wrong, you made three mistakes when recruiting and it's all catching up with you.

Read on to find out what these mistakes are so you'll avoid them on your next recruitment drive.

Here are three common recruiting mistakes to avoid at all cost

Mistake #1: Trusting first impressions
Some potential employees may seem perfect on paper or during the interview, only to turn out to be a complete disaster later on.
In a BusinessNewsDaily report, Ted Karkus, CEO of Prophase Labs says, employers frequently view candidates in terms of whether or not they like them as opposed to matching their strengths with the responsibilities of the position.
While you can't know for sure how a new employee will perform once hired, you can mitigate the risk of a bad hire by not factoring first impressions into your decision, says Karkus.

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Mistake #2: Not thoroughly vetting candidates before hiring
A candidate may present a glowing CV, but this doesn't mean he's the right fit. You'll only find out if he's right for the job if you conduct thorough background checks. So call past employees for references.
Doing proper background checks will also help you verify that the information on the CV is correct. You don't want to be stuck with a person who has a fake degree.
Mistake #3: Having an unclear recruitment policy
One of the most critical mistakes a company can make is failing to define its hiring policies before beginning an employee search. An unclear policy can confuse the hiring managers and candidates at best, or invite legal troubles at worst, says BusinessNewsDaily.
Experts behind the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service always stress the importance of having a recruitment policy. They say to avoid finding yourself on the wrong side of the law, make sure your policy contains these nine points.
Now that you know about these mistakes, avoid making them on your next recruitment drive.
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