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Don't let this one big problem sabotage your company's recruitment effort. Use this easy solution

by , 16 May 2014
The biggest problem companies deal with when it comes to recruiting is with candidates misrepresenting themselves. It means you could end up employing someone who doesn't actually have the skills they say they do.

And since you won't realise this until it's too later and do something really wrong, it means you may hire the wrong person while the right one ends up working for your competitor.

But if you use this one easy solution, this WON'T be your problem...

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How to solve the crisis of candidate misrepresentation

CV fraud and candidate misrepresentation is a big problem. All they have to do is lie on their CV, create a fake reference and carry on the story in their interview. 
So what's the solution to this problem? 
Well, you need to defend yourself and your company by getting the right information. The best way to do this is with thorough reference checks and background checks for employment. 
Reference checking is an easy way to find out the truth about your candidate. After all, there's no one more willing to spill the beans about your candidate more than their ex-employer.
So how can you conduct a proper references check?
Employment Contracts, Recruiting and Independent Contractors…
Make sure you use a legally correct recruitment procedure and updated employment contracts in your company.
There's a fine line between determining whether someone is an independent contractor or an employee. Don't get caught out. 
Use this independent contractor policy and checklist to ensure you get it right every time.

Use these six tips to do a proper reference check

According to the Practical Guide to Human Resources for Managers, you can use these six tips to do your reference checks properly:
1. Create a past employer spreadsheet for each candidate;
2. Independently confirm the phone numbers for the past employers and employment reference;
3. Be careful when contacting a candidates current employer;
4. Use 'soft techniques' to get information from past employers;
5. Use other source to reference check (social media can be very helpful here); and
6. Use open-ended questions to ask for references.
If you use these tips to do proper and thorough reference checks, you'll be able to protect your company from possible employees who misrepresented themselves. Saving your company hours of frustration and thousands on salaries for someone who isn't worth it. 

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Don't let this one big problem sabotage your company's recruitment effort. Use this easy solution
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