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Four salary negotiation tips no employer should be without

by , 27 May 2014
If you think sifting through a pile of CVs and conducting background checks is the most challenging part of the recruitment process, you're wrong.

Salary negotiations are equally challenging. And the last thing you want is to walk into a room with an applicant and not know what to do.

Don't get caught out! Use these four salary negotiation tips to ensure your recruitment drive is a success.


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Looking for salary negotiation tips for employers? These four will help you out

Tip #1: Adopt a friendly approach

Your goal is for everyone to be on the same team. Approach the process that way from the beginning.

Tip #2: Prepare

You risk offering too little or too much if you go in unprepared.

The candidate will also see that you're a professional if you've prepared thoroughly. Remember, first impressions count.

Tip #3: Consider adding a few perks

If you simply can't increase the amount of the salary, consider adding a few perks, says SBN online.com.

'Sometimes, something as simple as a gym membership may be enough to bring a desired candidate onboard."

Just don't forget that rewarding your employees in any way or form has Vat implications. Click here to find out how to deal with fringe benefits.

We're not done with salary negotiation tips for employers. Here's one more tip for you.


The A-Z of legal recruitment

  • Did you know there are 11 legal requirements for recruitment?
  • Do you know how the Employment Equity Act affects your job advertisement?
  • Do you know what checks you can legally conduct on an applicant?
  • Are you sure your employment contract includes the 16 clauses the law says you must have?

If you don't have all of these aspects correct, you'll be on the wrong side of the law when it comes to your recruitment process.


Tip #4: Be honest

If the candidate is an absolute superstar and you don't want to lose him to the competition, make your best offer up front.

Using these tips will help you conduct salary negotiations effectively. We also recommend you check out our first installation of salary negotiation tips for employers.

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Four salary negotiation tips no employer should be without
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