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If you use social media when recruiting make sure you avoid making these two crucial mistakes

by , 26 March 2014
Social media has changed the world in many ways. Just look at how people have been searching online for updates on the Oscar Pistorius trial and on the missing Malaysian plane. Recruiters have also caught on to the power of social media and are using it as a recruitment tool. But be warned: If you use social media to source top candidates, you need to make sure you avoid these two mistakes...

Using social media to help with your recruiting could land you in hot water if you don't do it right

If you're actively using social networks to source and recruit top candidates online, there's a good chance that you may be making some serious mistakes that can cost you in the long run, warns Social-Hire.

The site says some of these mistakes are caused by the fact that for starters, there's no set-in-stone method for recruiting via social networks. [And] while some recruiters have a system for making social networks work for them, others go at it haphazardly with no clear direction at times.

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Social-Hire outlines two social media recruiting mistakes you can't afford to make:

#1: Not having a social media strategy in place

You must have a social media strategy in place. One company that seems to have a good social media strategy in place is FNB. For example, on Twitter, they have a person who goes by 'FNB Guy'. This person responds in real time to any queries or complaints relating to the bank. This interaction gives customers a sense that their bank cares about them.

Why not apply the same principle when using social media to recruit?

Social-Hire says many companies leave the social posting to an inexperienced staffer, instead of having a dedicated social media professional on board.

'This all but destroys any company branding that might have reeled in better candidates.'

#2: Not actively engaging with talent enough

While social networking is about connecting with and then engaging others through relevant dialogue and insight, many recruiters get this wrong, says Social-Hire.

The site says this may be due to the fact that recruiters have been conditioned to keep candidates at an arm's length, rather than letting them get to know you.

Don't make this mistake! Instead, share interesting content and engage talent on social networks for better results, says Social-Hire.

Think about how you engage with your friends and family on social media and how you hate it when they take long too reply for example, or how you love to share interesting articles with them. The same principle applies here. Just remember to always be professional since your company's name is on the line.

There you have it, when using social media to recruit, steer clear of these two mistakes.

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If you use social media when recruiting make sure you avoid making these two crucial mistakes
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