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Not sure how to treat a new employee on his first day? Here's what you need to do

by , 31 October 2014
Most employers don't know how to treat a new employee on his first day.

The many stories you get from people who say they got ignored and sat the whole day doing nothing on their first day is proof of this.

Don't let your employee's first day become an unpleasant experience.

Here's how to treat your new employee on his first day...

Do this to treat your employee right on his first day

According to Alexander Kjerulf, the founder of Woohoo inc and one of the world's leading experts on happiness at work, a person's first day on a new job is a stressful time even under the best of circumstances. You don't know anyone there, you don't know your job, you don't know the written and unwritten rules of the workplace and yet you have a burning desire to do well, to show your worth and to excel.
He says the least you can do as an employer is to make an effort to show your new employee he's wanted and make his first day a nice one.
Here are practical tips Kjerulf recommends you use to treat your new employee right:
1. Be there for new employees on their first day
It's crucial as the manager that you're there to meet your new employee with a smile and a handshake when he arrives.
You must also set aside time for your new employee to meet his colleagues.
In addition, be there again at the end of the first work day to ask how the day went and follow up on any problems or questions.

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2. Have the practical stuff ready
According to Kjerulf, it's not a good sign if your new employee arrives on his first day and neither desk, PC, login or access card is ready.
You must ready this material before your new employee arrives.
3. Give your new employee a solid technical introduction
You must brief your employee about the professional skills he needs to do the job well and what you expect from him.
Treating your employee right on his first day is crucial. Kjerulf sums it up nicely when he says: 'The first time in a new job very much sets the trend for the rest of your time at the work place which is why every workplace should take extreme care to greet people in the best possible way.'
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Not sure how to treat a new employee on his first day? Here's what you need to do
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