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Don't ignore these five common construction risks during your next risk assessment

by , 13 August 2014
Construction work is amongst the most dangerous there is. There are constant hazards and risks lurking in every activity your employees do.

But with hazards left, right and centre, what do you focus on? Where do you start?

Well you start with the most important hazards, the ones that are most likely to land your employees in hospital.

And that's why when you start your construction site risk assessment you must look out for these five common risks.


These are the five most common construction site accidents

You may think common accidents on construction sites include walls falling on employees and other dramatic disasters, but the truth is some of the most common accidents that happen on construction sites can happen anywhere. 
The five most common are:
1. Slip and falling accident;
2. Objects falling from above;
3. Electrical shocks;
4. Falls from heights; and
5. Vehicle related accidents. 
To prevent these common accidents, you must deal with what causes them. 
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The five common construction site risks that cause these accidents

Behind every common accident, there's a common risk that causes it. These are the five risks behind these accidents:
1. Smooth and slippery floors, wet or cluttered floors;
2. Employees with too many tools on raised platforms, piles of unsteady objects that can fall over, and poorly attached wall shelving;
3. Old and poorly maintained electrical systems and too many wires and cables in one area;
4. Raised working platforms without a safety rail; employees working at heights without protective gear; and
5. Old construction vehicles, too many construction vehicles in one area and employees driving these vehicles without PPE.
If you want to prevent common accidents on your construction site, look for these common risks during your risk assessment and then fix them before it's too late.

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Don't ignore these five common construction risks during your next risk assessment
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