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Six tax offences that could get you five years in jail

by , 24 June 2013
SARS is taking a very hard-line approach to dealing with non-compliant and lax taxpayers and have made this decidedly clear in the Tax Administration Act (TAA). In fact, you could pay a 200% penalty or go to jail for not registering to pay income tax or hiding your income from SARS. These are just two examples of tax evasion. Do you know the rest? Read on to discover offences SARS deems as tax evasion that could get you five years in jail.

If there's one thing SARS doesn't tolerate, its non-complaint behaviour.

The fact is 'if you don't comply with all the tax laws all the time, SARS will prosecute you for your non-compliance,' says The Practical Vat Loose Leaf Service.

This is especially true when it comes to tax evasion.

In fact, there are offences that will get you five years in jail when prosecuted and found guilty. That's why it's crucial that you know that these offences are, so you can ensure you don't commit any of them in your business.

Any of the following offences are deemed as tax evasion and could get you five years in jail

#1: If you try to evade tax or you assist someone else to evade tax or get a refund that's not due.

#2:'If you make or allow any false statement or entry in your tax return or any other document you submit to SARS. Or if you sign a statement, return or other document you've submitted without reasonable grounds for believing them to be true,' says the Loose Leaf.

#3: If you receive a request for information from SARS and you give a false answer, either verbally or in writing.

#4: If you either prepare or keep false books of account or other records or if you authorise someone else to falsify these books of account and other records.

#5: If you're fraudulent or allow someone else to be fraudulent.

#6: If you make any false statement to get a refund or to be exempt from tax.

There you have it. Knowing the six offences SARS deems as tax evasion will ensure you don't commit them.


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Six tax offences that could get you five years in jail
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