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If you outsource your website development to a foreign company, you could have a serious VAT issue

by , 21 April 2016
Dear Reader,

Do you have a foreign company developing your website in SA? Do you pay VAT on their fees?

I bet you don't.

In fact you're probably thinking - 'since it's a foreign company, there's no VAT on the charge...' You couldn't be more WRONG!

SARS will come after you for the VAT... But wait! There's an exception in this instance.


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One instance when you won't have to pay VAT for services from your outsourced foreign company
Your foreign supplier doesn't need to register for VAT if the cost of his services in any month are less than R50 000. He won't need to account for output tax (Sections 7(1)(a), 23(1A) and 72 of the VAT Act). You won't have to pay VAT either.
Let's look at an example…
ABC Printing outsources their website development to ITRO Services in Romania. Their bill is R45 000 for the month. ITRO Romania doesn't have to register for VAT because they're below the VAT registration threshold.
But what happens if ITRO Romania increase their services and fees to R65 000. Read on to find out…
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Take advantage of this legal loophole
If ITRO Romania's invoice increases to R65 000, ABC Printing can ask them to split the invoice into 2 payments, over different months. This way, they remain below the R50 000 registration threshold. And no one has to pay VAT.
But this is just one instance. There's one more thing your supplier can do so you don't have to pay VAT to SARS….
Oh dear, it seems I've run out of space… But I don't want you to pay over any more VAT than you need to!
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Vongai Mumbula 
VAT Masterclass Co-ordinator

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