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Make sure SARS hasn't lost your Vat payments! Here are six ways to check

by , 28 April 2015
You know what it's like. You apply for tax clearance and suddenly SARS says you haven't paid your Vat for October 1992!

How do you fix it fast so you can get your tax clearance certificate?

Let's have a look at the six main functions introduced and how it will help you to get a grip on your Vat payments.

To access the new functionality you must be a registered e-Filer. Not registered for e-Filing yet? Read this article now to learn more about the benefits of e-Filing for vendors...

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Payment function #1 - Search, Select, Sorted - find a payment listing the easy way!

What does this function do? 
You can view all the payments you've made since the new Vat Declaration (VAT201) was introduced.
Why you need this function: If you have any unallocated payments in your VATSA section, you can use the payment listing option to list all these payments together (no more paging through loads of paperwork). Plus, it'll show you how the unallocated portion of the payment can be resolved!

Payment function #2 – Take the hassle out of unallocated payments...

What does this function do? 
It will help you to pay an unallocated payment or unallocated portion of a payment to a single or multiple debits.
Why you need this function: To make life easier for you – helping you to handle unallocated payments better! To use this function your VAT201 declaration must be unpaid.

Payment function #3 – Fix existing payments quicker 

What does this function do?
This function will help you amend an existing payment allocation and you can request multiple reallocations at any time!

Why you need this function: Save yourself oodles of time and avoid those long queues at SARS. You can now request changes with one click of your mouse. Just remember that your request won't happen instantly: The taxman must first check your request against its records and agree to the reallocation as requested by you!


Payment function #4 – Double check your allocation requests

What does this function do?
You can view all past allocation requests by clicking on a button, the Allocation History.
Why you need this function: You can view the payment history of each payment. Plus, the system will show you for which tax period you've made the payment.

Payment function #5 – Missing payments? Don't fret - simply ask SARS to locate and allocate!

What does this function do?
Use this function to request SARS to reallocate payments made before 1 June 2011 that don't show on the payment list provided.

What about payments made after 1 June 2011? Simply request SARS to locate and allocate a payment that should have appeared on the list.

Why you need this function: To help you manage your Vat payments better! These requests will take some time, and SARS has to agree with your request before it will locate the payment and perform the allocation!

Payment function #6 – Show me the money, honey...

What does this function do?
This function will allow you to view any outstanding tax you owe SARS. Plus, if you owe outstanding taxes for multiple tax periods, you can make one payment to cover it all!
Why you need this function: To ensure you stay on the right side of the law and avoid hefty penalties and interest on outstanding or late payments.

P.S. Errors in your tax invoices could cost you thousands! Here's all you need to know about Vat to avoid hefty penalties and fines from SARS...

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Make sure SARS hasn't lost your Vat payments! Here are six ways to check
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