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Seven important points to check before submitting your SARS Vat return

by , 03 July 2015
The best way to adhere to SARS' Vat return requirements is to hear it from SARS themselves. They have strict deadlines on how to submit your Vat return.

Before you submit your return, there are seven important points you must check.

How to submit your Vat return to SARS

You have are three channels to choose from: 
-E-filing:  File and pay your Vat online. This is most effective channel to submit your Vat return.
-Delivery: You can physically submit your Vat return at any SARS branch
-Post: Only if you're geographically far from a SARS branch or have any form of disability
When to submit your Vat return to SARS
You must submit your return on or before the 25th day of the month after the end of your tax period. 
- For example, if your tax period ends on 31 March, you have until 25 April to submit the return and payment. 
- If the 25th of any month is on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, your return and payment must reach the SARS office on the last working day before the 25th. 
************* *** More tips on submitting your Vat return *******************
SARS has put a few surprises in the new VAT return… And they could cost you your refund!
Something as simple as leaving a space instead of putting a zero in column 1A of the new VAT return could cost you your refund!
Are you 100% sure you've covered all your bases?
Checklist of important points to note before you submit your vat return to SARS 
Complete all mandatory fields 
Your Vat return is worthless and SARS will ignore if it's incomplete
Sign your returns 
Your signature 'seals the deal' and tells SARS you accept the content in the Vat return
Submit only one return for a specific tax period.
If your submit more than one, SARS will ignore all copies
Contact details of the person completing the return 
This is in case SARS needs to communicate with you or clarify anything with regard to the completion of the return. 
Don't use self-generated forms or submit printed e-filing returns if you aren't a registered e-filer. 
Do not send the same return to SARS via different modes
Like when you submit only one copy per tax period, multiple copies deem your submission invalid.
Only submit another return for a past tax period if it's an amendment
In which case you should also submit a covering letter explaining why you are amending the return.  In such instances, mark the return clearly as 'AMENDED RETURN'. 
You won't qualify for Vat refunds, if you don't meet the requirements SARS sets out on submitting your return. 

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Seven important points to check before submitting your SARS Vat return
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