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What kind of support documents should I submit when registering for Vat?

by , 23 July 2014
Vat registration is a complex issue.

The number of questions our Vat experts get on this topic every week is proof of this.

One of the questions they received this week comes from a new business owner who wants to know about the type of documents to submit when registering for Vat.

If you want to know the answer too, keep reading so you can ensure your Vat registration is hassle-free.

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Submitting the right documents is the key to a smooth Vat registration process

It's true.

If you submit the right documents, you'll get your Vat number quicker. This means you'll start charging Vat on goods or services and enjoy all the benefits of being on the Vat system.

So what kind of documents must you submit when you register for Vat?

Here are the nine documents that must accompany your Vat registration application

When you apply to register as a Vat vendor, you must submit support documents with your Vat101 form. Have a copy of each of the following documents to attach to your application:

#1: A certified copy of your ID document;

#2: A copy of the partnership agreement and articles of association;

#3: Certified copies of your company registration documents;

#4: An original letter from the bank where you hold your business account, confirming your account details, with the bank's stamp on it;

#5: A business plan or proof of your turnover (invoices);

#6: A letter from your accountant to confirm his appointment;

#7: Proof of your business address (for example, municipal account, telephone account or rental agreement);

#8: The residential municipal account of the public officer; and

#9: Bank statements since the bank account was opened, or for the last three months.

There you have it: These are the nine documents you must submit when you register for Vat. Be sure to check out the Practical Vat Loose Leaf Service for more information regarding Vat registration to ensure this process runs smoothly.

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What kind of support documents should I submit when registering for Vat?
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