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Did you know: An electrical malfunction could spell disaster for your company?

by , 16 September 2014
If one of your company's electrical appliances breaks down, you'll spend a lot of time and money trying to fix it. But did you know, if you just leave electrical appliances and systems to deteriorate it could cause a serious disaster?

These electrical malfunctions are ticking time bombs and if you don't see to them, you could lose your company to a disaster.

Not sure what I mean?

Let me explain...


Here's how that faulty electrical system could destroy your company

Let's say your electrical circuit keeps short circuiting. You assume it's because you have too many appliances plugged in. So you unplug things no one's using and consider the matter resolved.
But what if what's actually happening is there's a section of your electrical system that's blown and it's creating the short. This damaged circuit could spark and start a fire in the system. 
This damaged circuit could also cause your appliances to explode if it creates an electric surge.
The question is, how do you stop this danger from destroying everything?
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Do your employees know about the different fire equipment?

Here's how to prevent electrical malfunctions from destroying your company

If you notice your electrical system is acting strangely or one of your appliances has electrical problems, get someone to look at it.
You also need to do routine maintenance on your electrical circuit and appliances to keep them in the best working condition possible.
By doing this you can prevent electrical malfunctions. 
This is vital because electrical problems can cause serious dangers if you leave them unchecked. Manage your electrical appliances and system properly to prevent this.

PS: We strongly recommend you check out the Health & Safety Advisor.  It gives you tips, tools and advice to comply with the OHS Act and regulations.

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Did you know: An electrical malfunction could spell disaster for your company?
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